A little bit about Me...

Hello…I’m Indra, owner and self taught cake artist at IJ Cake Design. I grew up in the small island of Trinidad & Tobago and my love for baking started when I was just a teen. I came from rather humble beginnings and baking was a challenge for me in those days. We didn’t have a reliable oven, so I found myself baking in a “fireside” or as some would call it a “coal pot”…it was an experience of a lifetime.

I spent countless hours testing different recipes; pineapple upside cake was the first cake I ever made. Soon after baking became a weekend tradition at my home. As the years went by, baking and cake designing became a hobby as I pursued my academic studies. After moving to Canada, I studied Accounting for couple years until I realized it wasn’t inspiring at all. I missed  being creative, I missed my expressiveness but mostly I missed sharing my passion with everyone. Eventually, I left Ryerson University and with my family’s help I opened  IJ Cake Design in late 2015. 

Since opening, there has been a lot of hurdles to overcome; but the opportunity to do what inspires me far exceeds those struggles. My greatest reward will always be the smiles and excitement on my clients’ face.   I love what I do and can’t wait to help you create delicious and beautiful memories… XOXO!!

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